Inspiring Stories

How did you #getintogolf?

We asked members from Basingstoke Golf Club in Hampshire to tell us their stories on camera. Here’s what they said…

Jackie on getting into golf


Jackie talks about getting into golf with group lessons after years playing netball and how people can get started.

Hannah on getting into golf


Hannah talks about how she manages her work/life balance with golf and about how it is a sport for anyone, even those who don’t consider themselves “sporty”.

Nick on getting into golf


After suffering a stroke in 2014, Nick talks about how golf has helped with his recovery on and off the course.

Jinks on getting into golf


At 87, Jinks still enjoys playing golf a couple of times a week and is certain that golf keeps you young.

Nobby on getting into golf


Nobby talks about how a colleague got him into the game of golf and why he thinks other should pick up a club and have a go.

Carrie and Oscar on getting into golf

Carrie & Oscar

Carrie & Oscar talk about their experiences of playing golf as a family with their two young daughters and how other families can get involved.